Best Fitness Trackers 2017

It is essential for our bodies to have the capacity to work efficiently and productively amid our routines. However, it is more imperative to track our wellness, particularly when we are functioning with set goals.So, what’s an ideal approach to keep track your progress? If you are genuinely into keeping in shape, using a fitness tracker is an essential device for individuals who have loads of things to do with their time.Lots of people utilize fitness tracker or sports watch to screen how dynamic they are, and hoping it will help to persuade them if they end up being more slothful than they had anticipated. However, which one will be ideal for you?In case you are searching for a fitness tracker recommendation, you have come to the right place. It is time to get your fitness tracker that fits your fitness goal and your budget. To assist you, here are several of the best trackers that you ought to consider purchasing.

Our Top Recommendation

Fitbit Charge 2: The Most Outstanding

Fitbit is the leading pioneer of the fitness-tracking market. Their most recent Fitbit Charge 2 is a high, reasonable band that obtains every element of the old model, which is the top-rated Charge HR and hoists them.It is highlighting an innovative design with replaceable straps and a bigger display. Fitbit Charge 2 can now convey more data at one glimpse, which incorporates calls, instant messages, and schedule alerts.This device can track you over a more extensive scope of activities. Also, its precise optical heart rate display can likewise compute your VO2 Max total, providing you a great indication of your general wellbeing. We just wish it was a waterproof gadget, but in general, this is exceptional. 

Fitbit Flex 2: The Most Fashionable

Fitbit Flex 2 is a slender, elementary tracker which presents sports, activity, and sleep tracking, with five-day battery lifespan. This model is smaller and more slender than the old one, but the Flex 2 still figures out how to pack in an accelerometer to mechanically track your day by day steps, sprinting, cycling, heart stimulating exercise, and sleep.Also, now Fitbit Flex 2 is water-resistant, so you do not need to remove it in the shower. Additionally, it alerts you when you get calls and messages. However, it is a bit disorganized with Android phones.What I also love about Fitbit Flex 2 is that it has different accessories that make it appear less like a fitness tracker. There is no screen on this gadget, but there is a LED display which demonstrates your development towards a day by day activity focus on lights. 

Garmin Vivoactive HR: The Most Comprehensive

The Garmin Vivoactive HR device presents the most comprehensive fitness tracking and has a decent companion application as well. It conveys heart-rate monitoring in a well-ordered chart on its colored display, besides activity and a variety of sport specific modes.Likewise, this gadget has GPS tracking and is water-resistant. The big touchscreen allows smart watch attributes which comprise accepting smart alerts, operating several widgets and operating music playback on your smartphone.This $250 device might be pointless for those simply needing a simple fitness tracker, but it could be the best for you if you are sincere about your health. The only disadvantage when utilizing these aspects is that the battery lifespan falls from eight days to 13 hours. 

Samsung Gear Fit 2: The User-Friendly

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker is partially a smartwatch, with an arched 1.5 inch AMOLED display. It undoubtedly appears more brilliant than most fitness trackers.The touchscreen of this gadget is useful for checking any tracking and evaluating activity information, and also showing phones alert that can likewise, you can answer to using pre-composed messages.Moreover, there is a 4 GB of fixed music storage for this model that allows you to take your favorite songs with you. However, the only issue for this device is it will not function with iPhone or Windows phone. You will need to have an Android phone to utilize the Gear Fit 2

 Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker

Microsoft Band 2: Excellent in Counting Steps

The Microsoft Band 2 would be the nifty band to beat if taken on its components alone because it provides beyond the greater part of the other device out there. This new model stuffs 11 sensors with an improved display, greater coziness, and a finer exterior than the original Microsoft Band.It also has a barometer, could track staircases and hills ascended, in addition to precise optical heart rate monitor. Moreover, it has 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, skin temperature sensor, GPS, ambient light sensor, UV sensor, microphone, capacitive sensor, and a galvanic skin response sensor.It is useful for the gym, sprinting, golf, cycling, and different sporting as it is for counting steps and monitoring sleep. The two-day battery lifespan is not astonishing; however, it charges quick, striking 80 percent in just 30 minutes and 100 percent in 90. It is more capable than everything else here set up together apart from the Fitbit Surge.

Withings Go: The Best Economical Choice

You’d be troubled to look for a better option for at least $100 than the Withings Go if you need a straightforward fitness band that tracks essential details for as inexpensive as possible. The $80 Go practically cunningly comprising only the necessary.This fitness tracker has a dependable e-ink display, which illustrates how much progress you have made toward your daily activity goal just like a Kindle. It mechanically tracks your run, pace, swimming, and does with no work on your side.Also, it synchronizes and evaluates the complete information in the Withings Health Mate application. The device is waterproof up to 50 meters, allowing you to use it in the pool with no anxiety.

Fitbit Blaze: The Many-face Band

The Fitbit Blaze is an exceedingly skilled fitness tracker that can swiftly alter its look via swappable straps. It includes comfortable silicone selections, or fashionable leather and metal choices.The Fitbit Blaze carries every component of the last Fitbit Charge HR, however, includes message alerts, a colored touchscreen, tune controller, and linked GPS, accompanied by a few additions.This gadget can track sleep patterns and activities, direct you throughout workouts. Also, it can accept or reject approaching calls. The device’s battery lifespan is incredible, as well.Try not to mix up it for a smartwatch for it isn’t. This Fitbit Blaze device is more of a nifty fitness watch. Eventually, it is fitness tracker that seems more like a watch than other devices of Fitbit. 

Withings Activité Steel: The Best Analog Fitness Tracker

I suggest the Withings Activité Steel to all who like the appearance of a classic watch yet every feature of a fitness tracker. The band seems simply like a look at first glimpse.However, if you wish everything is visible initially, the Withings Activité Steel is not for you. The band precisely tracks running mileage, steps, and swims. This device is waterproof up until 50 meters.Look closely at the display, and you’ll notice a sundial that tells how near you are to reaching your common fitness goal. Its Withings Health Mate application is where you put your activity goals, and where you get your activity stats and sleep evaluation. 

Closing Advice

Life can be somewhat more challenging with no fitness tracker. Thus, regardless of whether you are an elite sportsperson or somebody hoping to build a more rewarding future and need to be deep at your health level, obtain a fitness tracker that fits your motivation and financial plan.Make sure to look out few review pages where they give a point by point analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of several fitness trackers and additionally the best spots to get them at the least expensive cost.Give it a chance to be your motivating buddy, employ it to build improved fitness goals, as you work out supervise your heart rate. And remember, whatever you pick, appreciate the trip as you become a healthier you! 

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