Best Fitness Apps for Android in 2017


Let’s be honest; sometimes we have those days when we need few extra workout motivation, particularly when we’re tired of our monotonous workout routines.

What you need is an ideal fitness buddy that is constantly with you, the fitness and workout apps. They could be your constant reminders to assess your development, to continue through to the end, and make your determination strong.

Regardless of whether you’re searching to track your miles, look for a little motivation, to watch your eating habit, to sleep better, or want an exercise slightly engaging, there’s probably an app for that very reason.

However, there are lots of Android fitness apps, yet fewer good apps. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to dig through the Google Play Store and get you a comprehensive overview of the best fitness apps for Android.

So, here we’ve got the top 10 Android fitness apps and workout apps that are worth checking out.


The Top 10 Fitness Apps for Android: 



runkeeper app for android

RunKeeper: The Best for Runner


RunKeeper is one of the best free apps for runner and most user-friendly fitness apps on the marketplace. It can operate in bike rides and gym workouts regardless of the app’s name, thus it’s a wide-ranging monitoring app.

The app is incorporate with a goal-setting function, which arrives with its instructor, that will assist you to hit the several runs required to achieve your dream success. Goal selections include running a race distance, shedding pounds, or enhancing your overall fitness.

There are social features to the application too. I have used this app for years, and it helps me keep inspired to run by tracking my exercises, sharing motivational thoughts, and encouraging competition amongst my mates and me.




Strava app for android


Strava: The Best for Cycling


Tracking your cycling is just like tracking your runs; it is all about a secure GPS app that doesn’t drain your battery. For that reason, we like the fitness app Strava.

Strava appears with a host of convenient features, in the core app and separate add-ons. It lets you monitor distance, speed, pace, altitude and other data as you go.

It allows you monitor distance, speed, pace, altitude and other data as you go. Also, you can consider some of the trails that are prevalent with other runners from the gathered information from all Strava’s users.

What I love about Strava is its grading system. This feature drives you to topped your personal bests and dares your pals as well.




Runtastic Heart Rate PRO for android

Runtastic Heart Rate PRO: The Best Heart- rate Monitor


Runtastic Heart Rate PRO is one of the best apps that measure your heart rate and watch the typical scope of your heartbeat. The operating standard of Runtastic Heart Rate is as simple as it is smart.

The cam of the smartphone calculates your heartbeat by positioning your finger gently directly above the flash. What I like about this app is it incorporates a reminder feature and the capacity to share outcomes thru Twitter, Facebook, or email.

If you have already a Runtastic account, the application will sync your heart rate statistics automatically with your online profile. The app is $1.99 and features limitless heart rate tracking and no advertisements.




30 Day Fit Challenge Workout for android
30 Day Fit Challenge Workout: Best for Beginners and Strength Training


The 30 Day Fitness Challenges app can kick off your fitness goals and get you on track in only 30 days. The application presents 19 aimed workout challenges, which encourages users to attain individual fitness objectives by merging workout series that pointing parts of the body.

For instances, the ab challenge, squat challenge, arm challenge, burpee challenge, plank challenge and push-up challenge. Then there are comprehensive 30-day challenges that function in more than one area.

You won’t get fed up with this app for it has an assortment of features that will keep you engaged in your mission to get healthy.

Likewise, you can share your progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+! If you’re a beginner, you’ll most likely observe an impressive strength result from this program and can maximize outcomes compared to somebody who trains already. Additionally, it’s free.




7 Minute Workout for android

7 Minute Workout: Best for Busy People and Beginners


The 7 Minute Workout is an excellent free app for the individuals who are busy and simply getting started with fitness and are overwhelmed by the extent of some apps or routines.

This app presents you the quick steps to finish a 7-minute workout series that can help to drop weight and strengthen muscles.

Also, it packs with 12 various exercises in a limited time-slot daily, along with trackable findings and incentivized unlockable accomplishments. The 7 Minute Workout doesn’t have lots of tracking or any social features.

Its concentration is on bringing a simple set of drills and assuring that you know how to do them. If you’re rookie to the fitness industry, this app makes life delightful and manageable. 




BMI Calculator for android

BMI Calculator: The Best for measuring Body fat


If you ever thought how you’re doing with your aims of removing extra body fat, then you ought to try BMI Calculator. This free application is remarkably simple, which separates it from other apps.

You only plug in your height in feet, centimeters, or inches; and your weight in pounds, kilograms, or stones and it will provide you an estimated rate of your body fat.

After the app has computed your body fat, it will present you a suggestion about your aim weight and workout routine. Also, it will tell you the type of your body fat which array from ‘Very Severely Underweight’ to ‘Obese Class III.




MyFitnessPal for android
MyFitnessPal: Best Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker


MyFitnessPal is a free app that lets you monitor your nourishment and your workout. It will ask your height, weight, and activity level.

From what you enter on your fitness goals, this app will provide you with a calorie goal for you to undertake and hit day by day. You can list all your meals and your snacks.

Also, you can include your favorite recipes and incorporate them to your daily count. You don’t need a chart here in MyFitnessPal, all you have to do is search your food, log it to your meals-for-the-day, and you’re finished. 




Sworkit for android


Sworkit: The Best Personalized Workout


Sworkit is a remarkable app especially for hard-working individuals since it’s intended to get you workouts in only five minutes. This app conveys you a custom video exercise daily.

You can pick an activity ranging from 5 minutes to an hour. Follow the video coach on your phone screen to know what to do. Sworkit have pre-made exercises in 4 primary groups: Cardio, Strength, Yoga and Stretching.

Likewise, you can create your modified training from more than 160 workouts, or copy some well-liked exercise from one of their records.

It comes with a free version which includes most of the core features of the app and is advertisement-based. But you can move up to premium version to remove the ads.
Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach for android

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach: Best for Tracking Daily Step


Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach has some free extraordinary features, and it will motivate you to lose a couple of pounds and become more vigorous.

This app tracks your day-by-day steps and reveals you how many calories you’re shedding. The app can display the total steps you have walked and the total calories burnt during the time you were active, and the miles walked.

It can use GPS to track your walks, your running or cycling and it shows the standard information such as the date, time, distance, duration, and pace. Also, the trail is shown on a map and saved in your activity history.

It isn’t quite perfect; however, it is great if your favored form of workout is walking and you will discover much to love in this app.




Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for android



 Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: The Best for Sleep Tracking


Sleep Cycle is uncomplicated to navigate and customize. This app is intended to track your sleep movements and know when you’re in the deep phase or light phase of sleep using your mobile’s accelerometer.

Sleep Cycle has an alarm with a personalize window and a library of soft wake-up music. You can likewise pick an alarm from your music library.

You can just tap the snooze of the alarm on the mobile, and its length can be adjusted in “intelligent” mode or at prearranged pauses. It will set automatically to wake you at the end of your wake-up window.

The sleep diagram result is a somewhat harder to analyze than the charts of other apps. The app incorporates white noise and a heart-rate monitor and has areas to write notes on sleep quality and state as you wake-up.Additionally, there is a weather feature that shows the forecast every morning.




All the apps listed above are great tools to help you accomplish your fitness goals. However, they are only instruments. These fitness and workout apps are pointless unless you make a move.

You can begin by following a healthy diet and exercise plan and then creating realistic goals that you can accomplish. If you stick to your plan and act, these apps can be useful devices in helping you achieve your goals especially if you are just getting started.


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