Best Fitness Apps for iPhone 2017

It’s that season of the year when fitness is everybody’s objective. Doing the recommended measure of workout every week seems easy for a few people. However, going ahead and maintaining the enthusiasm isn’t always simple for most of us.

Good thing we have a solution and it involves apps on your iPhone that can help you make the process extremely stress-free. What makes these apps great is that they let you have fitness coaches, workout pictures, and whole exercise courses right at your fingertips. Thus, you can take charge of your healthiness.

If you’re struggling to improve your health and want only to live better, there are bags of fitness apps out there to match everyone. And a few of which we will impart to you right here in this article.

Here’s a look at our preferred iPhone apps that will motivate you to exercise, eat better, and carry on with a more valuable life.

The Top 10 Fitness Apps for iPhone



fitbit app for iphone


Fitbit: The Best Overall Health and Fitness App

The Fitbit app is an extraordinary means to track your healthiness and fitness even if you don’t have a Fitbit device. With this application, you can have the average miles traveled, step count, and calories shed, plus you can use it as a personal fitness diary as well.

Before every exercise, you can pick the kind of activity you will do, run, jog or hike. You can allow audio feedback in the application to overhear the time and step in real-time, distance traveled, that could provide you some additional drive for that last push.

Also, while running the GPS will guide your routes, however, this can kill your battery apparently, so be mindful of that. The Fitbit app is incredible, and its simple design makes its tracking activity easy.

But best of all, this is a phenomenal motivator that will draw out your competitive spirit. 




Map My Fitness for iphone


Map My Fitness: Best all-in-one Fitness Tracker app

Map My Fitness split up each part of your fitness routine and makes you stay on track using your iPhone’s GPS. This all-in-one fitness tracker app will gather, log, and document your workout training.

Do you want motivation to push through your training? Use this excellent app to check your vitals, for instances: distance accomplished, calories shed, duration, speed, and pace. This wellness tracker not only logs your statistics, but it also evaluates it for you.

It lets you outline your workout as shown in your data. Additionally, Map My Fitness will monitor the nutritional value of the nourishments you consume and will tell you where you stand, and when you need to reduce.

You can share your progress with your like-minded fitness pals in social media. 




C25K® 5K Trainer for iphone

C25K® 5K Trainer: Best App for Running

C25K 5k Trainer is particularly intended to train non-runners. It has a customized training timetable that will let you choose how quick you need to reach 5km, with exercises from two up to eight months.

The app gives a training scheme that has a combination of running and walking with the recommended periods. It has a consistent integration with MyFitnessPal so you can monitor your calories also.

The 5K Coach application is free, simple to operate and well-defined with its readouts of what you have done and required to perform. Besides, it’ll allow you to drag your information into Map My Run if you want to make a leap to a bigger scale app when you accomplish your 5km goal.

This application incorporates music playlists, GPS map tracking, eating regimen and hydration guidelines, and an assessment of your performance. 




Map My Walk for iphone


Map My Walk: Best Step Tracker App

Mapmywalk let you monitor and map your day by day walking exercises also your nourishment. As you start your walk, open your MapMyWalk app and when you are done just push the stop button.

Now it will present you an option if you want to store the walk, continue or erase it. If you decide to save it, you can share it on Twitter or Facebook.

If you’re want to bring your workout to the public, you can contend with other users for a place on the leader board. This app can be beneficial if you frequently walk for exercise, walk your dog, or simply need to monitor your typical walking patterns.

If you are serious with this app, it might make you think to take the stairs rather than the elevator. This app is all about small steps. Therefore, you can choose this app if strengthening your health by walking is what you wish. 




Daily Yoga for iphone


Daily Yoga: Best Yoga App

Daily Yoga is the greatest of the greatest which was developed by eight professional yoga experts. It gives you a collection of over 50 complete yoga courses and 500 workouts poses, plus HD video and relaxing background music.

One reason why I love this app is that it is not just for pros, as there are three various intensity stages and different duration choices to select. Seven yoga courses are accessible for learners with an assortment of workout focuses, for instance, the 12-Day Beginner Tour.

The Daily Yoga app is gamified, which means you can gain points for working out, and you can likewise make new friends in the app forum. You will just require to subscribe to the app for more innovative components and poses, though.




Nike+ Training Club for iphone


Nike+ Training Club: Best App for Weigh Loss

If your fitness workout stretches out further than running and are more workout-oriented, this Nike+ Training Club app is perfect for you! It explains to you how to perform the exercises, and provides you personalized training to your specific targets.

Also, it provides you point-based motivations to make working out just like a game with prizes. This app highlights over 100 skillfully produced video exercise that is simple to take after. Every workout will show images with the description, also videos with voiceover.

Some Nike Master Trainers and superstar athletes facilitated most of these 100 plus video-based workout series accessible in this app. Those videos take up a ton of space on your phone; thus, it will take some time to download.

However, the 600 MB of space this app consumes is worthy. If you’re sincere about getting fit yet don’t know what to carry out, this app is ideal for you. 




Stronglifts 5x5 Workout for ipone


Stronglifts 5×5 Workout: Best App for Strength Training

If you are interested in building a great foundation for strength training and searching for a starting point, have a look at this Stronglifts5x5 workout. Stronglifts is called the easiest but the most suitable approach to building muscle.

It highlights the 5×5 principle which means there are three lifts at five repetitions for five sets and comes with a clean user interface. This app helps you record the repetitions for every lift as a substitute for a pen and paper, and it calculates your rest time.

It monitors your development with an in-app progress meter, and with the in-app calendar, it assists you in planning your upcoming 5×5 workouts. It has two prescribed exercises, the A and B, which must be performed three times a week, alternately.

The Workout A includes squats, barbell rows, bench press, while Workout B are squats, overhead press, and deadlifts. Stronglifts is intended for the busy bodybuilder who desires to lift but can just give 45 minutes per visit in the gym.




Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for iphone

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Best App for Sleep

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock fundamentally works as a smart alarm clock that guarantees to wake you up throughout your lightest sleep stage. The application measures your noise and movement during the night utilizing the sensors in your iPhone to figure out which phase of sleep you’re experiencing.

It will activate the alarm throughout your lightest sleep cycle in 30 minutes before the time you want to be woken up. Also, it keeps a record of your sleep phases amid the night to monitor your sleeping patterns.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock gets excellent reviews on the App Store; therefore, it clearly functions well for lots of individuals. If you’re a data nut, it’s worth giving a test run.




Daily Workouts for iphone


Daily Workouts: Best App for Cardiovascular Workouts

Daily Workouts is like having a fitness coach by your side as you perform your exercises using your iPhone. If a fitness center intimidates you and fitness coaches are not available, this app will help you take care of business.

The execution of movements is so simple to do, yet it focuses the main parts you’re trying to improve. Before it used to have separate applications for ab, arm, glute, cardio, and leg workouts, now they all gather together in Daily Workouts.

This app highlights approximately 100 gathered workouts, which has 5 to 10 minutes or full-body workouts with 10 to 30 minutes. For every workout, Daily Workouts incorporates on-screen directions and a timer set for the span of the interval.

The full version of this app includes exercises such as kettlebells and Pilates and some new workout series. The Daily Workouts can function with no internet connection.




My Diet Coach for iphone

My Diet Coach: Best Calorie Counter App

My Diet Coach app provides four essential aspects in the free version including motivational images, reminders, determination tips and a food journal. Also, it has three additional components in the pro version comprising a graph for weight, a food craving panic button, and a points system.

The diet journal, BMI calculator and calorie counter are the typical features of this app. However, it shines among the rest because of its ability to personalize the avatar to appear like you.

Besides, its motivational advice and guidelines make it a great app. You can likewise add reminders in the app, so you remember when to drink water and plan your meal for instance.

You can tap a button with the task you are fronting, and it will greet you with applicable motivational assistances and inspirational images.




You can surely get healthy even deprived of a smartphone. But then, lots of you reading this already have smartphones. What you might not have is access to a fitness center, fitness coach or any workout equipment.

You can have many exercises through these apps for almost no cost. The benefit of having a Gold’s Gym membership is you get to truly test out these apps to their full intent.

We’ve got the Yoga classes, spin classes, free weights area, cardio platform, swimming pool, and kettlebells. Our goal is to help deliver a more integrated solution towards your healthy lifestyle and your fitness requirements.

Are there any top workout applications that you believe should be a part of this rundown? If so, don’t hesitate to name them in the comments.

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