What is Missing From Your Training?

Girl running up stadium stairs

Is something missing from your training? Does it matter? You train your ass off, sticking to the plan like white on rice. Sometimes you are short on time, whether it is because work schedules or family duties or any other aspect of life, so you do a warm-up set and get right to it. Those…

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It’s not what you do, but how you do it

Ann Burns Pistol Squat with Kettlebell

The statement above is true, but as with everything, it depends: if you are doing something stupid, it does not matter how well you do it. Use common sense. I know common sense is a little lacking these days, but try. This applies to life and to fitness. To be successful, you need to be…

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Track Your Gym Progress With Photos

Unfortunately, it is common for people to follow a programme for a few weeks or a month and feel as though they are not making any progress, or as though their body is not reacting to their hard work and dietary changes. It is easy to look in the mirror each day and not see…

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