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Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

best protein eggs

So You’re Trying to Lose Weight The gym houses a range of people, each one trying to reach their ultimate goal in the least amount of time possible. For those looking to lose weight fast, you know that it can be a struggle when sticking to a workout routine doesn’t seem to yield much. Although…

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Best Fitness Gifts for Men – Top 5 Products They’d Love

Many men love fitness, there’s not a doubt about that. But sometimes, it can be difficult to know what types of fitness related products that these men like to receive. You can check out the guide below and learn more about the top 5 products that are the best fitness gifts for men. Let’s start…

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High-Intensity Interval Training For Women

High-intensity interval training sees an increased popularity these days. This type of training is commonly called HIIT workouts. They involve repeated bouts of high-intensity effort which is followed by various recovery times. The periods of intense work can range from 5 seconds to 8 minutes long and they are done at 80% to 95% of…

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Eliminate Back Pain With Simple Exercises

Did you know that stretching can help you avoid surgery? There are 30 million Americans who suffer from low back pain, and only 10% of them need surgery. If you don’t have a slipped disc or pinched nerves, then you most likely have inflamed muscles, or the culprit is tight. To your surprise, the inflammation…

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Best Fitness Apps for Android in 2017

workout with fitness app

  Let’s be honest; sometimes we have those days when we need few extra workout motivation, particularly when we’re tired of our monotonous workout routines. What you need is an ideal fitness buddy that is constantly with you, the fitness and workout apps. They could be your constant reminders to assess your development, to continue…

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Why You Should Try Yoga

benefits of yoga

  Yoga has continued to be a widespread activity for hundred of years, and there is a justifiable reason behind this. Yoga is not merely about having a ton of fun activities to carry out. It is likewise about acquiring many positive benefits from the workouts performed. What are the advantages of yoga? This issue…

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Best Fitness Apps for iPhone 2017

best iphone fitness app

It’s that season of the year when fitness is everybody’s objective. Doing the recommended measure of workout every week seems easy for a few people. However, going ahead and maintaining the enthusiasm isn’t always simple for most of us. Good thing we have a solution and it involves apps on your iPhone that can help…

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Weightlifting for Longer Living

  Weightlifting or Strength training is an essential piece of a comprehensive workout course and is perfect for both genders of any age, including children and seniors. Sadly, many disregard weight training when planning their exercise plan, believing they don’t need to “bulk up.” But as indicated by a new study from Penn State College…

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Intermittent Fasting: Fat Killer

There are many options to choose when your goal is a low body fat and that perfectly slim yet muscular beach body that gleams in the summer sun. You may have tried working out, doing your cardio right and dieting, but have you heard about intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting is a technique of eating that…

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