Are Carbohydrates Bad?

Carbohydrate Pizza from Richmond Gold's Gym

I am about to use a four-letter word, so please pardon my language C-A-R-B. Phew! There I said it. It seems everyone these days is anti-carb. I will begin by saying that I, too, was afraid of carbs. I was convinced they were evil and they were the reason I never felt lean enough. I…

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Weightlifting for Longer Living

  Weightlifting or Strength training is an essential piece of a comprehensive workout course and is perfect for both genders of any age, including children and seniors. Sadly, many disregard weight training when planning their exercise plan, believing they don’t need to “bulk up.” But as indicated by a new study from Penn State College…

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Why You Should Care About Free Weights

Weightlifter Squatting

Any good and well-thought exercise program must incorporate strength training, particularly weight lifting. Of course, nowadays in almost every gym, there is a variety of resistance machines to help you build up and improve your overall health, as well as your looks. In addition, almost every gym includes a free weights area, equipped with a…

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