Eating A Healthy Breakfast

There’s a reason people call breakfast the most important meal of the day. Starting your day with a healthy, balanced breakfast is the best way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Getting into the habit of making and enjoying a nutritious each morning will give you the energy you need to start your day off properly. A bacon sandwich and two large cups of coffee are not ideal if you are serious about getting in shape and improving your health.

Even when you are pushed for time or wake up without an appetite, there are some recipes and simple meals you can make to get you going. Whether you make a green smoothie, rich in nutrients, or decide to make scrambled eggs or porridge, there is an option to suit everybody’s taste buds. There are numerous studies which suggest that people who eat a healthy breakfast are, on average, slimmer, because it suppresses the urges and cravings to eat fewer snacks throughout the rest of the day.

A healthy breakfast is such an important part of your day, that even if you are struggling for time on a morning, you should consider going to bed slightly earlier each night so that you can wake up that ten or fifteen minutes earlier each morning to give yourself enough time to make and enjoy your breakfast.

Muesli, fresh fruits, and low-fat yogurts are fantastic foods to get your day started properly. Yogurts are excellent sources of calcium and protein, although you should keep an eye out on the levels of sugar they contain. Enjoy muesli with no added sugar. Adding chopped or mashed banana or dried blueberries to porridge is one of the healthiest and tastiest breakfasts you can enjoy and takes hardly any time at all to prepare and eat. Especially on colder mornings, looking forward to a delicious bowl of porridge and fruit is a great incentive for getting out of bed.

Baked beans on wholemeal toast is an underrated but effective breakfast. Naturally low in fat, beans are also packed full of protein and fiber, though be careful to make sure you seek the lower salt and sugar ranges.

Scrambled eggs, packed full of protein, can be enjoyed with or without wholemeal toast. It takes about five minutes to prepare, and another five minutes to enjoy. So, 10 minutes and you have made and enjoyed a delicious and healthy breakfast. Add a pinch of black pepper or sprinkle some chopped chives to enhance the taste.

For a lighter option, and certainly one that’s ideal for warmer mornings, you can enjoy green smoothies. There are various ways you can make these with differing ingredients and recipes, and they can all be altered slightly to suit your tastes. Mango slices, peach slices, bananas and more can all be combined to create one delicious, healthy smoothie.

As we can see, enjoying a healthy, balanced diet can provide a multitude of benefits. Of course, your health programme does not stop there; you will need to combine a healthy breakfast with a healthy lunch and dinner, and we will look at some healthy options for those meals in future posts. Thank you for reading, and be sure to keep checking out our site for all of our latest blog posts.