Track Your Gym Progress With Photos

Unfortunately, it is common for people to follow a programme for a few weeks or a month and feel as though they are not making any progress, or as though their body is not reacting to their hard work and dietary changes. It is easy to look in the mirror each day and not see any changes from one day to the next, and it can be demoralizing. We have all been there.

However, just as we naturally age over time, we do not notice the changes on a day-to-day basis. We do not notice it in other people we regularly see, in the same way, that we do not notice the changes in ourselves over such a short period. Thankfully, progress is always being made, so long as you keep putting the work in. It just takes a bit of time, that is all. We all look in the mirror each day, so it is impossible to notice the small changes that are happening to your body.

The best way to overcome this problem is to take progress photos. Using your smartphone, and one of the many apps that are available, you can set up a system that will truly inspire you and motivate you to keep getting to the gym. Going back over past photos, you will be able to see that you really have come a long way in just a few weeks or months.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, the app stores on each are filled apps you can use to record and view the progress you are making. See our list of best fitness apps for Android or the best fitness apps for iPhone. Layout from Instagram is a fantastic app for this and is so simple and straightforward to use. You will no doubt have some photos from when you first started working out, or if you are just getting started, then take a picture of yourself today – right now! If you do not, you will wish you had six months from now when you have made more significant progress.

The idea of progress photos is to select images of you in similar poses and lighting conditions at regular intervals. One per week is a good idea at the beginning, which can be cut down to just one per month after you have been working out for a few months.

As with anything worth having, getting your dream body takes time, effort, persistence, and consistency. Without feeling like you see results, it is easy to get discouraged and lose motivation. However, progress photos really can help you along the way and give you the courage and confidence to keep getting yourself back to the gym.

Of all the small things you can do to keep yourself motivated, progress photos are as simple as any. It is an effective way to help out when you are struggling to find the passion and strength to make it to the gym. All you need to do is compare yourself now to when you first started, and that should be all you need to feel better about yourself and continue to grind it out.