Why You Should Care About Free Weights

Any good and well-thought exercise program must incorporate strength training, particularly weight lifting. Of course, nowadays in almost every gym, there is a variety of resistance machines to help you build up and improve your overall health, as well as your looks. In addition, almost every gym includes a free weights area, equipped with a wide range of dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells, as well as benches and racks so they can offer a diverse set of exercises. A question therefore arises – is there an actual need for a free weights area if a gym has an assortment of resistance machines that should produce the same effect? The answer is, as expected, YES!

When compared, free weights areas have more advantages than the resistance machines. Apart from being available at home, free weights aim at being functional to everyday movements. In sports and outdoor activities, we engage more than one group of muscles, and while resistance machines don’t allow multiple muscle groups to be exercised, free weights do. With their flexibility and ability to allow exercises of specific muscles used for different sports, they save time and energy you would use to constantly switch between the machines.

Another important benefit of the free weights area is that it is more challenging. Apart from requiring balance, control, and coordination, it is much harder to use free weights than the corresponding machine – thus, there is a higher amount of strength needed. The area usually has a lot of mirrors and you can be completely focused on doing the exercises correctly while observing the contractions of your muscles. However, it is essential to have the knowledge of proper workout or a personal trainer to guide you through the exercises in order to avoid injuries and sprains. When you have that ensured, using the free weights area would certainly become your favorite training place.


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