Why You Should Try Yoga


Yoga has continued to be a widespread activity for hundred of years, and there is a justifiable reason behind this. Yoga is not merely about having a ton of fun activities to carry out. It is likewise about acquiring many positive benefits from the workouts performed.

What are the advantages of yoga? This issue is the most questioned subject by individuals who are contemplating to start yoga. It may not be entirely probable to provide a thorough justification, as there are just too many.

We will talk about in this article the essential benefits that you could anticipate from undertaking yoga. To understand what are the gains of yoga, we initially need to know what yoga is.



Define Yoga:


Yoga means union; thus, yoga is the union of mind, body, and soul.  Moreover, it is not solely yoga exercises; it heads to deep changes in your entire life.

To begin with, this may sound somewhat frightening, but it truly is great! The transformations can include a more stress-free lifestyle, better well-being, and a better ability to handle difficult situations.

The advantages carried by yoga are not magic or a sort of religious sect. The changes will occur by letting your body, mind, and breathing to function simultaneously in harmony.

The following benefits of yoga are supported by hundreds and thousands of scientific studies.

Improves Heart Health


yoga improves heart healthHypertension thickens the arteries; it means that there is a lesser space for the blood to circulate through.

Blocked arteries significantly increase the probability of stroke, heart attack, and even death.

However, when relaxation transpires by performing yoga therapy, it eases blood vessels and decreases blood pressure as it increases the blood flow to the heart muscle.

As per the research study issued in March 2016 in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, Yoga with light activities and deep breathing might lead to enhanced quality of life, lower heart rate in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, and lower blood pressure.

After individuals with unstable heart rhythm atrial fibrillation practiced 30 minutes of light yoga weekly for 12 weeks, their blood pressure and heart rates had fundamentally decreased and became stable.



Reduces Chronic Low-Back and Neck Pain


Yoga Reduces Chronic Low-Back and Neck PainLower back and neck pain are some of the most widely documented complaints heard in doctor offices in the USA.

However, there are quite a few excellent studies that propose that yoga might be a useful healing option for these types of pains.

Yoga’s emphasis on strength, flexibility, and stability, particularly of the major muscles, makes it a promising remedy for neck and back pain.

A study published in 2015  at the University of Pennsylvania, concluded that yoga is as effective as other non-pharmacologic medication in lessening the functional impairment of neck and back pain.

It seems to be more advantageous in diminishing pain severity or irksomeness of chronic lower back and neck pain when compared to regular care.




Fights Diabetes


yoga fights diabetesConstant yoga exercise can help decrease the sugar level in the blood, together with lessening blood pressure, lowering the seriousness of the symptoms, maintaining your weight in check, and moderating the rate of development of the illness.

Yoga too diminishes the probability of more complications.

A study published in 2011  by the American Diabetes Association, supported these statements.

The study investigated 123 patients with type 2 diabetes aged between 40 and 75 years.

They were grouped by two; the first 60 patients for yoga and the remaining 63 for control.

After three months, Yoga practitioners achieved a 20% reduction in oxidative stress as antioxidant levels improved in type 2 diabetes.


Keep Cancer at Bay


Yoga Keep Cancer at BayA soaring collection of studies demonstrates that yoga can help counteract cancer and aid cancer patients through the side effects of medication.

A study stated that the best weapon to fight cancer is a healthy immune system. This study is linked to other research which presented that yoga can improve the flow of our natural immune cells that naturally kill abnormal cells.

This study was published in April 2013 and conducted at the breast center of DRK Kliniken Westend, Berlin, Germany. It concluded that early initiation and regular yoga sessions contribute to better physical activity and immune system.

More than 50 breast cancer patients were studied. They joined yoga series twice a week for five weeks. Over time, negative symptoms like nausea and vomiting, fatigue, pain, insomnia, dyspnea, loss of appetite and other gastrointestinal symptoms were lowered.



Lengthens Lifespan and Youth


Yoga Lengthens Lifespan and YouthAn experimental study presents that changes in diet, workout, stress management and social support might bring about longer telomeres; the portions of chromosomes that influence aging.

The scientists led the investigation at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute at UC San Francisco.

The researchers studied 35 men for five years who had early stage prostate cancer to investigate the relationship between wide-ranging lifestyle changes and telomere length.

Ten of the patients boarded on lifestyle changes that encompassed a plant-based diet, moderate workout, and stress reduction such as gentle yoga-based stretching, and meditation.

This set of patients went through a dramatic rise in telomere length of roughly 10 percent. The men who were not required to change their lifestyle had noticeably shorter telomeres, closer to 3 percent lesser.




Sharpens Brain Function


Yoga sharpens brain functionMeditation can make structural changes in the brain which help improve focus and sharpen memory, as well as multitasking skills.

Many studies propose that regular Yoga may change brain structure for approximately six hours per week.

Scientists associated it with a more gray matter, and a thicker cerebral cortex, particularly those brain parts that are linked to memory, decision making, attention span, and learning.

In a recent study, there were participants with mild cognitive impairment aged 50 years old and above who took a yoga intervention for three months.

They showed a statistically significant improvement in visuospatial memory and depression. The study found that Yoga is effective in intensifying functional connectivity concerning memory performance.



Ease Anxiety and Mental Stress


yoga ease anxiety and mental stressIt’s not a secret that yoga is one of the best ways to relax. You can sense a calming wave flow over you instantly throughout and after a session.

A study reported 2013 in November at the ADAA that associated Yoga to lowering levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, especially in women at risk for mental health problems.

In the study, there were 619 participants with depressive disorders and elevated levels of depression.

There were three groups where each was asked to perform Complex yoga, Exercise-based yoga, and yoga interventions.

Their mood improved, they looked better, and had better control over their anxiety, after months of Yoga.



Promotes Self-Acceptance


Promotes Self-AcceptanceYoga which is currently in a few schools as a practice for stress relief can likewise be a viable means for young women to build up self-acceptance.

As per Vyda Bielkus in Boston, a co-founder of Health Yoga Life studio, Yoga can hold up the self-critic behavior, and begin to view that these voices in our minds are not the truth.

Starting a yoga session amid your secondary school years could help you to commence listening to the sound of your deep voice, and to comprehend that your voice is important.

In an experimental study from Brazil issued in May, students lecturers and workers from the State University of Campinas reported feeling right after their yoga practice.






Holistic Fitness

yoga is Holistic FitnessAs what Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, healthiness is not merely an absence of illness.

It is a dynamic expression of our life of how cheerful, affectionate and animated you are.

Real health derives from being physically fit, as well as psychologically and emotionally stable, and this is where yoga helps.

It is packed with holistic fitness: postures, breathing methods, and meditation.

Yoga is an exercise for your body, as well as for your mind and emotions. You carry your focus into the present moment through harmonizing your breath with your body.

Toward the end of a session, you can expect to feel revitalized on every level.



Don’t Sit Still!

Yoga practice helps builds up the body and mind, carrying lots of health benefits. To acquire these many advantages all you must do is participate in a solid yoga session.

Additionally, it is vital to learn and practice yoga poses with the supervision of a skilled Yoga teacher.


Therefore, take a Gold’s Gym group yoga class and be trained by world-class instructors in a pleasant and comfortable environment that strengthens optimal learning.

I assure you that all your worries will be cleared out and your knowledge will enlighten your mind. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and set yourself to practice Yoga.  Gold’s Gym will welcome you to their Yoga family to re-form, learn, rejoin and change yourself.



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